Two sets of youngsters have been reluctant to leave their respective nestboxes, despite being fully feathered. The parents have done well, but l think they have delayed the next round starting.

Friday was eviction day

All week i’ve been expecting to see the birds in the bottom of the cage when l arrived home. It was not to be so on Friday the youngsters got evicted from the nestboxes.

Choosing Friday means l can keep a eye on the birds over the weekend. Nothing gives me more pleasure than seeing the Cock taking care of his family. Saturday l had to get a chick out the box again but the hen did not seem to mind. That’s not always the case as we know, hens can be brutal on occasions.




Not my preferred pairing

Lutino to Albino would not be my pairing of choice. The Albino hen started laying in the flight, having bonded with the Lutino cock.  Dad seems to lost his blow maybe raising chicks is hard work. He looks nothing like he did in the flight. The photo does not do him justice.

Ist day out of nestbox

This lutino look promising, dads still giving him plenty of top ups.

It’s been a slow start this breeding season.

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