Trafalgar Budgerigars

Returning to the hobby in 2014.

My ambition to breed good exhibition budgerigars.

Lutino behind
Greens outdoors

Understanding the fundamentals 

You need to understand your birds, set yourself goals and learn how to breed budgerigars.  There are so many pitfalls and challenges in this hobby, you need to serve your apprenticeship. 

Yes some people achieve success immediate but for me it’s small steps. 

Who's a proud father

My Advice to anyone thinking of joining this wonderful hobby

Join your local club


 Visit as many local breeder’s birdrooms before you start. Look at there layout, ask questions, for it save you time and heartache later having to rectifying mistakes.

Design you birdroom to make your life easy.

The above advice should only be followed after the current lockdown / Covid 19 pandemic  is over.


If it works, Why change it?

It is always good to read articles or watch informative media streams about how other people do things. However we should be careful not to make whole sale changes just because someone else is doing it a certain way.

Yes if it not working then by all means make changes. Make small changes then you can review if the change has been benificial. 

Opaline Blue Hen
Yellow Face Spangle just out of the box

About Me

Myself and my partner Sue both like animals and have a large German Shepherd called Bear. Jacob a african grey which Sue rescued. The last surviving budgerigar from Nottingham died this year at the right old age 19 years.

He was the last of three birds dear to me and the last of the birds bred from my mentors lines (Bill Nelson of Burnley). Bill had a fantastic stud of Lutino’s  so these bird where special to me. With only three birds left l made the decision to restock and get back into the hobby.

Re stocking the aviary with birds from different sources have now increased the numbers to around  thirty birds. You need noise when breeding and after a few good seasons breeding my stock now numbers about sixty.

Anyone thinking of joining the hobby should checkout the EBF  you will find a wealth of information about the hobby.


This website is my attempt to make the budgerigar hobby more popular.

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Sharing my experience

You are welcome explore my website, you may find some useful tips which l have used to overcome differcult challenges since my time back in this hobby.

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My Blog

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