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Standard Budgerigar egg with dummy egg below

Plastic Eggs

Plastic eggs or dummy eggs whatever you want to call then can be useful during the breeding season. There are a number of reasons why we use dummy eggs. The dummy egg is made of plastic and will retain the body heat of the hen enabling the hen to leave the nestbox to feed. The heat will help keep the surrounding eggs warm allowing the hen to take a welcome break.

Dummy eggs are larger than a normal sized budgerigar egg and can help keep your new pinkies from being squashed.




← The image on the left shows the size difference.








Some breeders use cockatiel dummy eggs which are even larger the budgerigar dummy egg. Evan my friend use the larger cockatiel egg and he has had very successful breeding season in 2017. Breeding over a 120 birds using a cockatiel in each nestbox. On my visit to the Stafford bird show l purchased some cockatiel eggs but to date l have not tried them.

You may not agree with using dummy eggs but l added them to essential items to be kept in your birdroom.



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