It’s been a while

It’s been a while since l have written anything on my blog. Part of the reason is that l have been making repairs to my birdroom. Over the summer l managed to replace the roof on the birdroom, a challenge when you have birds breeding.

Renovating a old shed has been time consuming and challenging at times but the end is in site.

Don’t delay

In the past when l have noticed a young bird struggling or appearing to be unwell l have not reacted quickly enough, mostly resulting in me losing the bird. Now l don’t wait, the first thing l do is make up a hand rearing mix which is made up using a warm water probiotic mix. Using a straight crop needle l administer the food / probiotic.

Does it work.

Last week l was just in that situation, a young albino hen was showing all the signs of being unwell, fluffed up and on the cage floor. Catching the bird up, the bird appeared normal, no messy backside, no nasal discharged. I am not a vet but l know from experience action is required.

The bird was not removed from the rest of the youngsters as none of the other birds were showing signs of being poorly. You may say that is wrong. My thinking is by isolating the bird it may only increase the stress levels. Which may hinder the birds recovery, if there was more than one bird showing signs of illness then l would have isolated.

The birds receive there main feed soon after l arrive home from work. The poorly bird will have the hand rearing / medicine mixture at the same time. This is repeated until the birds starts to perch, by acting quickly the bird is normally back on the perch after 2 feeds.

On this occasion the hen is now perching and looks fine.

By delaying treatment, whatever is making your bird feel unwell, may become so advanced it will only result in you losing the bird.

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