Looking from the swing


My Main Flight is a Outdoors

I have a couple of flights for my birds, the main flight is outside the birdroom and runs parallel to a six foot brick wall which give excellent shelter from the elements.

The flight is fully covered with corrugated perspex sheets and overhangs by a metre, for my covered walkway . At present l am in the process of enclosing the walkway with a combination of aluminium angle wire panels and wood, the lower metre being the wooden section.


My birds choose to stay out

I have nether believed in forcing the birds into the indoor flight at night, although the opening is open my birds choose to stay out in all weathers. Depending on which way the wind blows determines where the birds choose to roost.

The fight is about 4 metres long by 1 metre wide, fixed perches at one end with a wooden rotating swing and fixed perches at the opposite end.

The noise has never bothered my neighbours as the wall proves to be excellent noise barrier on one side and my neighbour are pensioners and enjoy watching my bird’s antics in the morning.

I did ask whether the birds bothered my neighbours but l am fortunate  it is not a issue as the rear gardens are quite large with the exception of mine. Our large garden is at the front of the house as we live on the corner plot.


Night Lights

I have tried  various night lights for my outdoor flight, for a number of years l used four cheap solar lights and they lasted a long time. When the batteries finally died, l brought some different solar light but they did not prove to be as good  so l then used a bulk head fitting light, the glass cover was painted blue with glass paint, this worked great but the bulbs did not last very long……errrrrrrrrh.

Sue my partner came up with a great solution, white fairy lights strung down the centre of the walkway and what a great lighting solution they are proofing to be, just sufficient light for the birds, but enough light for me or the dog to see the yard.

Pre Made Aluminium Panels

The main flight is aluminium angle panels connected together with stainless bolts but l could have just riveted the panels together but decided to use bolts . These panels were purchased ready built and only needed bolting together. I placed the door panel on the side of the flight for ease of access for myself.

Purchased Aluminium Box & Angle

Having a engineering background l always wanted to try and make my own panels, and l have experimented with the panels on the walkway  and have now have a simple process to assembly the wire panels.

Covering in the walkway

Starting a project to late was mainly down to not having all the material earlier in the year or it could be down to the long hours l work either way l am struggling to complete my task before the bad weather sets in.

It has always been my intention to enclose the walkway and each section is made of the following the lower half being made from surplus wooden pallet slats, then aluminium angle panel 93 cms wide which allows me fix the wire roll easily into the size frame. Above the frame again 300mm wooden panel completes the panel section.

With 300 mm above the wire panel allows me to fix the guttering brackets and should give prevent the rain from hitting the perches in the flight.


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