New modern design gives good filtering results

Cage and Avian solutions have the about type on there website click on the link below for more information


Nice little unit for your birdroom available at :


Fresh air is essential in your Birdroom

When building your birdroom you must give careful consideration to how to replace the air inside you birdroom. Feather dust soon starts to land on all the surfaces and if inhaled can cause health problems for you or your birds. Air flow can be achieve in a number of ways, air vents, netted windows, extractor fan etc. But we must be careful not to introduce drafts so careful planning is needed.

Articles written

On the EBF forum there has been a number of articles written.on how to achieve good air circulation.

Also the hatchway to the outside flight is always open. So there is some air flowing in when the fans are not working. Again there is a netted opening a another wall to encourage air flow. Finally a old Air Vac system is situated on the ceiling in the centre of the birdroom. Which is manually operated but could soon be on a timer. The micron filters have been replace due to the age of the unit but the feather dust and other particulates are collected. Very efficiently judging by the amount of dust coming from the unit when its cleaned.

A vacuum cleaner is used weekly and l tend to use a weakened disinfectant mixture sprayed on the outside of the nestboxes to keep the any dust down and secondly to keep the humidity inside the nestbox correct having the wrong humidity can lead to poor hatching percentages.

Air Vacuum units are available from a number of suppliers throughout the UK and vary in price a couple of images and links to the websites are on the left hand side of this page.

It saddens me to find out that Allan Fairgrieve of Cage & Avian Solutions pasted away yesterday
( 25th June 2016 ) my thoughts are with Allan’s family.

I had just purchased one of Cage & Avian Solutions filter systems.

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