Purchasing your rings

You do not have to be a member of the Budgerigar Society to get closed rings for your birds. Should you be a member of area society you can order rings. For me it would be through the Midland Budgerigar association although a little more expensive. This year l will be buying my rings from a company called ZDS

If you intend to showing your birds then l would advise you to join the Budgerigar Society.


The Budgerigar Society Ring Colours

The BS decided in 2009 to adopt the WBO ring colour standard which runs on a 6 year cycle.

2016’s ring colour is orange and other important changes also happened in this year. Trials had been conducted in 2015 using plastic rings as a alternative to the usual aluminium rings.

BS members given the choice

The BS members were given a choice between plastic & metal when placing there ring orders. My choice was plastic and the first batch of rings proved differcult to read. With the alpha numeric digits being a greyish colour the budgerigar society welcomed feedback. From the feedback received the plastic ring alpha numerics was changed to black which had made the rings easier to read.

Plastic Ring’s for my birds

The reason for choosing plastic was it could be easier to cut off should the need arise. On occasions l have had to cut the ring off my birds due to the leg being swollen and the ring cutting into the flesh. Removing the ring, washing the leg and then stemming any bleeding by using corn flour. Within a couple days the bird would be fully recovered.

Ring colour changes announced October 2018

At the General Council Meeting held on the 23rd September 2018 it has been decided to adopt the WBO ring colour changes. The Budgerigar society have announced that certain ring colours namely light green and orange will changed. Light green will be changed to dark green in 2022. Orange rings will now become dark brown in 2020, these colour changes are due to the governing bodies recognising a readability problem with the old colours

The rings colours on the left are not exact for more information click on the link below

Budgerigar Society for more info

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