Design your outdoor flights

With the hot days we have experienced this summer. If you have a outside flight make sure your consider preventing direct sunlight streaming in. Design your outdoor flights with shaded areas, if you want to see your birds during the day.

Shaded areas

My uncle had a super birdroom and outdoor flight. He had exspected to sit in his conservatory and watch his birds.

The birds would only come out if it was a dull day or in the evening just before dusk.

Why? because he did not give the birds any shade.

To resolve this oversight he moved his birdroom, ensuring the outdoor flight had plenty of shaded area.


Perching outside
Short mask but a nice bird



There are a few rules you need to follow when considering a outdoor flight.

As already mention make sure your birds are not direct sunlight and have areas that are shaded.

Cover the top of the flight, corrugate plastic sheets or something similar.

This will prevent your birds catching any disease from our native birds.

Prevents your bird getting wet, budgies are quite hardy. A combination of wind and rain could be fatal for your birds.

If you are not using metal flight panels, then double wire your wooden panels, for your hens will soon damage any unprotected panels.

Finally either have a concrete or slab base, l made the mistake of using gravel for the base, and was not long before l had rats borrowing into the flight.

Using a wooden clothes horse obtained from the local charity shop makes great readymade perching. Fitting a L shaped bracket ensures we do not have any accidentally collapses


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