How to use the Egg Chart

If you are new to the hobby you may not have used a 18 day egg chart before. Look at the date when the egg was laid. The number directly below on the next line is the normal hatching date for that  budgerigar egg.

Remember some hens will not sit the eggs until the second egg has been laid.




Download 18 Day Chart

Once you can see the image right click and save as a image to your computer then you can print the chart.

You may to download a PDF version  click on the button below

PDF Download


18 Day Egg Chart made available by Trafalgar Budgerigars

Do you use Dummy Eggs

Plastic budgerigar eggs are available to purchase and can be used in number ways. Replacing eggs taken from the hen to put under a foster pair. Sometimes l will remove the first egg and replace with a plastic egg only putting the first egg back when the second egg has been laid. By doing this you should have two eggs hatching on the same date.

Plastic eggs retain heat and can keep surrounding egg warm should the hen leave the eggs for food.This is useful in the colder times if birdroom is not heated.

If l have had eggs smashed l will give the birds a plastic egg to knock about and if l hear this occurring then l will use a mustard egg to give the offender a little lesson.

Plastic are normally slightly larger and can prevent the hen sitting to tight on newly born chicks.


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