Organic Wheatgerm Powder

Softfood Modification

Organic Wheatgerm Powder

A Superfood

Wheatgerm powder is a bright green fine powder and is now being added to the birds softfood mixture. The birds do not dislike the powder being added to the softfood. My softfood recipe has change over the year mainly due to me trying to find foods that are both nutritious and palletteable for the birds.

Resealable Bag

The Wheatgerm powder is organic human food grade and comes in a resealable bag which helps to prevent contamination. One measure is added to a container full of softfood giving the birds extra vitimins and nutritants. Since changing to my new mix the birds have no ill effects and fertility has not decreased.

Purchased from buywholefoodsonline.

It was quite noticeable that the breeding pairs where not eating the pre made egg food but deavoured the vegetables. So l have stopped using a pre made eggfood and decided to make my own mixture.

Frozen sweetcorn is defrosted and left to reach room temperature. Diced cabbage and carrot is then thrown into the mix. Pinhead oats are added but again only a small amount seems to be eaten by the birds. The remainder help to keep the dishes clean.

A table spoon blue poppy seeds along with two table spoons of quaker oats is added to the mixture. Each evening l make sufficent to fill a chinese take away container.

The green vegetables can be changed depending on what is available.

Softfood is fed to the bird as soon as they are paired up.This season if the young have gone on to perch then non have been losted. When transferred to the young flight the birds still receive softfood. Birds only go into the main flight when the have gone through there first moult.

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