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Bill Nelson


Bill Nelson

Bill Nelson

If my mentor and close friend Bill Nelson of Burnley was still alive my task would have been easy,   for in my opinion there was nothing that man did not know about birds nutrition.
The hours we spent talking birds, and it really saddens me we did not live closer, for l used to look forward visiting Bill but due to work commitments my visits were not often enough.

 Everyone has there own views on what to feed your birds for me if you want to be successful then you have give your birds a good varied balanced diet. There are many products available to enhance your bird’s diet.
After l decided to come back into the hobby l began reading and searching for any articles relating to budgerigar diets.





I add oil to my seed

Flaxseed oil is added to the seed mix which will feed the birds for a week. Using oil is one way of introducing omega-3 fatty acid to the birds diet, this omega-3 varies slightly from that found in fish based oil.

I tried extracting the oil from the flax seed to form a jelly but found this to be time consuming so decided to buy flaxseed oil.

Sunflower hearts and groats are added to the seed mix and then l gradually introduce the oil until all the seed is thoroughly coated.

Once the seed is coated l add soya flour and golden millet flour, organic soya flour is high in protein contain no cholesterol and little or no saturated fat. Millet flour has less protein but more carbohydrates the final ingredient add is a Diatomaceous earth which acts as natural wormer. Once the three additives have been added and mix throughout the seed the is coated and gives the appearance of a dusty seed.

When the bird crack the seed it’s my intention that the birds get extra supplements in a natural way, l believe that intensive farming does not always put back all the nutrients once present in days past.



Flaxseed Oil

Oil Container




New recipe here  Check it out

Crated carrot seems to the favourite ingredient in the softfood for my birds at present as l have said before all these birds are new so it has to be trial error to find what these birds are use to. Mixed with Quiko classic softfood we have grated carrot, sweetcorn is added twice week, l have tried boiled egg complete with the shell and broccoli all blended in the food processor.

The sweetcorn and broccoli are frozen veg purchased at the local super market and thawed in the microwave when required. The microwave is a wonderful invention and certainly saves time.

The quiko classic mixture did not seem to be a favourite of my birds so l am presently trying different brands.

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