Vanodine V18

This disinfectant product has been around for many years and the V18 version is the latest improved version made by Evans and contains a blend of Iodine, Sulphuric & Phosphoric Acids & Nonionic Surfactant.

Although there are many new disinfectants available today for me Vanodine is my preferred disinfectant for treating millet sprays before it is given to my birds. Sue my partner questions why l treat my millet but for me l don’t want to take any chances of introducing diseases to the birds.

Mixing vanodine with water to make the recommended strength solution as advised on the bottle the millet sprays are then soaked for 24 hours and then rinsed thoroughly and allowed to drain. Any millet sprays hung in the main flight and is soon devoured by the birds.

Other millet sprays are cut into 3 inch long pieces and put in the nest boxes as the chicks start to feather up and to try and stop any bored hens from feather plucking the chicks often the husks of the millet seems to be used by the hens as bedding as often the nest box bedding placed in at the beginning seems to be thrown out by the birds.

Throughout the breeding season treated millet will be given to the young birds.

Vanodine can be used to as standard disinfectant for cleaning your bird cages, perches, equipment and feeding bowls. My nestbox concaves are always soaked in a vanodine solution at the end of the breeding season and for that reason Vanodine should be listed under essential equipment for your the birdroom and has served me well over the years.




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