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Not always to plan

Anyone who has explored this website should know by now l am not a fan of showing. But l had hoped to show at the Midland Rare varieties show held at Markfield in October. The date was noted and l thought l had some promising  young birds. It has took awhile but l am now producing a few useful ino’s in my opinion.


I should have studied the entry form in a little more detail before making my plans. I had wanted to enter the young bird lutino and albino classes. But as l am not a member of the BS nor had l not purchased any rings through the Midland Budgerigar Association then the birds would have to been shown in the any age classes .  The birds would have a held there own in the young bird class but not against older more develop birds.

A decision will have to be made

Do l rejoin the BS or do l buy my rings through the Midland BA it’s something l will have to think about. What peeves me is the cost of buying rings through these outlets. When l know l can buy closed ring cheaper and as good quality from other sources. The whole idea of joining the BS or area society is increase the bargaining power in order to past on the benefits on to its members. Something that seems to have been forgotten, well that’s my opinion on the ring subject.





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