As time permits l will be adding a list of what l consider essential item you should keep in your birdroom, today l would have been really struggling should l have not purchased a set of ring cutters. There are a number of suppliers offering ring cutters. The Budgerigar Society offer Needed when a ring needs to be removed for £8.30 including postage.

Ring cutters part of the essential equipment

Ring Cutters

are something you don’t use everyday but believe me you are sure glad you have them in your birdroom when they are needed.



On inspecting the nestboxes today a lutino hen left the box and began perching only using one leg, it was differcult to see why but as many in the hobby will tell you today’s birds feathers tend to cover the birds ring so there was nothing for it but checkout the bird, sure enough the leg was swollen and the ring had started to cut into her leg. The ring had to come off, towelling up the bird would settle her down and prevent her from chewing my finger off never the less she managed to sink her beak into my fingers and as we know the hens has no mercy.

The swollen leg was placed under the running cold water tap with the hope that the swelling would reduce enough for the ring to be cut off without causing any more pain or damage. While running the water over the wound we washed the leg, Sue held the bird while l cut the ring off and thankfully the ring came off without any further injury to the bird. The hen was returned to the nestbox to sit the her eggs on checking a couple hours later the cock was feeding her and her eggs were warm so this might end well.



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