How to make a Mustard egg

We need the following:

  • 2 infertile eggs
  • piece of wire
  • syringe
  • glue ( super glue ) works well
  • A mixture of mustard & vinegar sufficient to fill 1 egg

Make a hole in both eggs  (top or bottom) use the wire to scramble the contents, make the hole large enough to allow the contents to be drawn out by using a syringe. Some people may like to blow the contents out of the egg the choice is yours, l prefer to draw the contents out with a syringe.

Once both eggs have been cleared we then must then make enough mixture to fill one egg. You can use mustard powder and vinegar or mustard from a jar mixed with vinegar, if you have made two holes in your egg, glue a piece of shell from your second egg over one of the holes.

Fill your syringe with your mustard mixture and proceed to fill the egg once full wipe clean and glue a piece of eggshell over the remaining hole you mustard egg is ready.

Place the egg in the nest box and wait for the culprit to appear….. sneezing and stained.



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