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Mixed Flights

Egg laying in a mixed flight is always going to be a problem. Preventing birds from bonding is not easy with my small setup having only the one main flight. Keeping birds fit is essential if your to have a good breeding season.

Two smaller flights but it would be differcult to achieve with the current layout. Following the advice of my mentor Bill it’s good to have your birds mixed as the young cocks will keep the hens from becoming over weight.

Keep them active

 A couple hens laying eggs in the corner of the indoor flight. Both are 2016 hens the first was caught up and suitable cock was chosen. The hen has laid 3 full eggs in the first round but l am unsure whether the cock in the cage is responsible for the full eggs. The bird treading this hen in the flight was from the same nest if fact it was her brother. Let’s see what the comes from the first round.

The second hen

The second hen which happens to be another Albino decided to start laying in the corner of the flight, bonding with a 2015 Albino cock whick looks to be a good pairing. Collecting the two eggs laid in the flight the hen appears to be sitting the eggs within a hour. The eggs have been marked and recorded on nestbox card.

What l have notice with the few breeding pair so far this year a few of the eggs have been elongated and full. I am not sure what is causing this but it something l will be monitoring.

It’s about time to get some of my lutino’s paired up otherwise more eggs will be laid in the flight.

Winter is not my favourite time of the year and its a struggle to spend time with the birds.Having the outdoor flight illuminated has helped, But at the moment the birds are restricted to the smaller indoor flights which is causing me a few problems in that the young bird flight is being used by the older birds.

The partition will have to be put back and a few of the olders birds will have to be housed with the youngsters. As mentioned before in previous post the youngsters remain in the nursey flight until after there first moult.

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