Video’s on the Internet

With the explosion of the internet most people have access to the internet.

A number of subjects relating to budgerigars are available to view on the internet and video’s are a great help. You may say the background music spoils the video’s but if you persist you will find some great informative video’s. The EBF have number available to view but search You tube and you will not be disappointed. Mick Freakley has made some super video’s showing in detail a number tips relating to budgerigar matters.

Here is a links to the exhibitionbudgerigarforum.co.uk   Vent trimming video, Having a little patience and few minutes searching in your internet browser and you should find a video giving you a visual how to guide.

How to feed a bird using a crop needle

Bruce Greenway fed a budgerigar with a crop needle while l was visiting his aviary and that gave me the confidence to try feeding a young bird. Within a couple of days crop needle order had arrived and l had already got syringes.

On this website if you click this link :- http://wp.me/P7G5MW-lb you will see a great video on how to use a crop needle. If you have never used a crop needle then this video will really help you. For me it gave me the confidence to successfully feed a young budgerigar until it was strong and large enough to feed itself.

The video’s available on You-tube are amazing, when you see some of the big names set ups you have to be impressed. It does make me wonder is it a numbers game to keep producing amazing birds.

I do understand not all people are techy but please have a go enter de spotting a budgerigar in your internet browser and see what comes up, remember you will not blow your computer. Google is a fantastic search engine.





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