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No matter how much planning you do the birds take no notice no appreciation for what l am trying to achieve.

Separating the cocks and hens to prevent any squabbling so what happens. The bird l consider to be the best own bred bird now has a lovely blood stained head.

That’s just typical and l am sure the birds are shrinking in size. The cage training is going well and the birds are accepting being handle. There is still time to get the blood stains out of the feather, he certainly looks better than when l first seen him earlier this evening.

No running water

My birdroom does not have running water so the cock has had another visit to the bathroom. Mixing a weak solution peroxide solution with water most of the blood stains are remove. That’s what cotton buds were made for preparing my birds then it a quick wash with baby shampoo and then a good rinse. Back in the show cage for another drenching.

He is now with another cock in another cage away from the other team cocks. It would not surprise me if a couple of birds have to substituted with bird from out of the main flight before the Sunday show. It happened last year after the selected birds decided to drop there tail feathers.

Changes maybe made

Show team changes will be made and more youngster may get a outing at the later shows. The tails feathers are growing and they are increasing in size. Time will tell as nothing is written in stone as the old saying goes, as usual work gets in the way of my show preparation and the show cages will get fettled on Saturday.

The show cage labels arrived today and l have made a note of my MBA number as l did not have it  to hand when l phoned my entry through.

The lutino on the left is going to the show she has style but lacks size. Her sister is larger but lacks colour so they will both be work in progress for me to develop.






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