Due to Birmingham BS venue not being available for normal club night the meeting night has now changed to the 2nd Thursday of the month but despite being late home l did manage to make the meeting. A very casual talk by Martin Bagnall who tried to do a A to Z talk but l must say he definitely failed, for we never got past D. The members really joined in and Martin answered all the questions in a relaxed  manner and it was clear to see this guy has super knowledge of budgerigars as you would expect when you have been in the hobby so many years.

For me it was the first time l had heard Martin speak and l would not hesitate to go and listen to another talk, it is so pleasing to have people in this wonderful hobby who are only to willing to share there experiences with people like me who have come back into the hobby.

Martin does not know me but he may recognise me if he should read this post for l am the guy who took a load of budgerigar magazines home to read. It is interesting to read articles written a some time ago and to see how opinions and trends have changed.



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