View of outdoor flight taken with no flash
Night view of outdoor flight before the night lights come on


My birdroom is a work in progress and as with any unfinished project so there is always thing to be done or altered, at this time of year it is really frustrating with most of my birds choosing to roost on the perches in the outdoor flight. The night light come on about 16.30pm and gives sufficient light for birds and has been set like this for the last twelve months.

Most people with indoor flights have there lights on until 22.30pm and l have needed to find a solution to provide better lighting to keep the bird more active longer.On a aviary visit last year the indoor lighting was provided by warm light LED strip lighting and it was very impressive. The 5 metre strip lights are 12 volt system so a transformer needs to purchased to reduce the power from our standard 240 volt system.

There plenty of suppliers within the UK who offer 5 metre LED strip lights in various colours such as warm white, pure daylight white, red, blue, yellow etc. ebay is a good place to start. Two 5 metre strip lights and a 12 volt transformer was only £15.00 free post and packaging. You need to solder the connections or use a connection block the choice is yours for me l chose to solder the connections, the lights can be fixed in place with the tape already fixed on on the back of the strip lights, the front have a silicon covering and mean the lights are waterproof a requirement of any outside lighting project.

One 5mtr led strip light has been run down the centre of the walkway which gives plenty of light to the flight as the photo’s on the left shows, all the photo;s have been taken on my iphone with the flash disabled. As in my previous blog posts l am lucky l do not have any problems with the neighbours regarding noise and the bird chatter has certainly increased since l installed the new lights whether it makes a difference to my seasons breeding remains to be seen.

At least l can now check my birds when l get home without using a torch and the birds get a extra feed in the evening which was a concern for me.

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