Classifications for certain Budgerigar Society shows

As part of the forward thinking of the

Mid Essex Budgerigar Society a discussion has been started on the Exhibition Budgerigar forum by Ricky Anderson. The subject was would you use a Online Entry Form. A very interesting challenge to design a online form. The design is one consideration but keeping data safe has to be a top priority.

With the events of the past week anyone offering a online service must consider security the number one priority.

At the moment l am trying out various programs that work with WordPress but l am aware not not all clubs use this platform.

The software being used this time is new and is being develop but the core basic’s elements are useable. At the moment l am working to design a easy form which should reduce costs and time for our clubs.

Please be patient this is a work in progress, and is the first draft, feed back is essential.

Click on the Classification Button to have the Classification chart open in a new tab.

Use the chart to assist you when filling in the online form. The chart will be in new browser tab, allowing to flick between screens on your computer.You may wish to save the Classification chart to your own computer and print off a hard copy for reference in the future shows.

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