1. First name of last years President of the BS
  2. What does the “A” stand for in MBA
  3. Found in a nestbox
  4. What colour was the Best in Show Young Bird @ 2015 World Budgerigar Show
  5. Who is the Seed sponsor for the Budgerigar Society in 2016
  6. ino in the green series is known as a ……?
  7. Surname of a Member of the BS General Council who joined the BS in1980
  8. One of the status classes at a budgerigar show
  9. A type of budgerigar
  10. Surname of who won the WBO Gould award in 2015
  11. Where is the World Budgerigar Show held


  1. Surname of the Best in Show @ World Budgerigar Show 2015
  2. Who won the Best in Show @ the Notts & Derby Show 2016
  3. One colour in the blue series
  4. What does the “C” stand for in the CBBA
  5. How many primary flights does a budgerigar have ?
  6. When checking the eggs fertility you are…. the egg?
  7. What must a show cage have at a show
  8. What type of Budgerigar shows in section 45,145,245,345,445,545,645,745,845,945
  9. What do we call a male budgerigar
  10. How many days after being laid does a budgerigar egg normally hatch


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