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Returning to the hobby in 2014 it is quite amazing how the budgerigar has advanced in size and feather. My setup is small in comparison to others in the hobby. l had rejoined the Budgerigar Society as a beginner and my BS Ring No. is SMP1.

Not renewing my membership

Not renewing my Budgerigar Society membership for 2018 has been a difficult decision. The benefits do not justify the membership fee but that’s only my opinion. For me it’s about the birds, l will and try and support the local clubs. The decline of the hobby is a shame, l have made some new acquaintances and friends. My birds will be rung with rings bearing SMP supplied by Avian ID. My 2019 rings  have been supplied by ZDS. The quality is good but are slightly wider than Avian ID rings.The cost of the rings is below what the BS or Avian ID charge. The delivery was exceptional and the quality of the metal rings is good, if you are looking for alternative supplier rings then do not hesitate to use this company.

 Why call my budgerigar stud “Trafalgar Budgerigars” when living in Warwickshire. This my way of never forgetting the gentleman who introduced me into this wonderful hobby. Bill Nelson who friendship l will always treasure sadly Bill is no longer with us .

About Me

Myself and my partner Sue we both like animals and have a large German Shepherd called Bear. A African grey who would take my finger off at the first chance and a very friendly umbrella cockertoo the latter two having been rescued. My birdroom has a outdoor flight. Two birds are 17 years old and are the only surviving birds from Nottingham.. Definitely not winning show birds but dear to me and the last of the bird bred from my mentors lines Bill Nelson of Burnley who if you knew Bill had a fantastic stud of Lutino’s  so these bird are special to me, with only three birds left l made the decision to restock and get back into the hobby. Re stocking the aviary with birds from different sources have now increased the numbers to around  thirty birds, some are very capable of giving a good show if l was to show these birds in the any age beginners class, but that is not my intention.   Anyone thinking of joining the hobby should checkout the EBF  you will find a wealth of information about the hobby.

Website Services

Sue is a graphic designer and is responsible for making the logo used throughout this website, graphics and coaching the I.T. skills to enable our clients to add to their website without coming through ourselves, as for me l work part time on our website design hosting service. Video and animation creation is another part of the business which we are developing. This website is my attempt to make the budgerigar hobby more popular.    
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