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Yorkshire Birdroom Tour continued

Apologies to Gary who shows at intermediate level and not as l said a novice.Wow does his birds like his softfood mix, no sooner had Jon put in the softfood. The birds were eagerly ensuring they had the fair share of the mixture.

Another set-up

Another birdroom with 2 inline fans and what a difference to the air quality. Gary floor lining was lifting with the power of the fans, of the four birdrooms l visited. Three birdroom had the 2 inline fan system, it may not be an new idea but the advancement in the fans mean they are more efficient. Cost effective this is something l will be installing soon.

The air con contractor at our works is already sourcing me 2 units. Typical he’s on holiday this week so maybe next week , l will have a efficient air replacement system. Enough waffle lets get back to my tour.

Visit number 3 to Roy Tickle’s

Thanks to a recommendation from another forum member my next destination was Roy Tickles. Which happened to be within 1 mile of where l was staying. l still managed to get lost, it must be old age. Oh no l remember now it not having my super sat nav. Tea in hand and a quick look at the beautiful koi pond it was down to the birdroom. Plenty of breeding cages 2 outside flights and 2 inner flights. On the wall was a selection of his winning rosettes. The convention medal in pride of place Roy and his wife have been very successful for number of years.

Not driving makes it hard to show

Not driving has reduced the number of show Roy attends now since his wife passed away. Has he any nice birds? yes he has and a double factor spangle at 14 weeks caught the eye.  No matter how l tried l never got a good photograph, or maybe l am crap at photographing birds. Quality is abundance and what else would you expect from a champion. Knowing your birds is important and knowing what they throw. Roy has some promising youngsters, but what looks good to me may not make the grade for a champion.

A tip from Roy

Roy’s shared a few tip’s one was always keep your own bred hens. I was told this by my mentor year ago, it’s something l have always done. Use you your thumb to gauge the chick head size  when in the nestbox again l already do this. It was nice to talk birds and time seemed to fly bye. Having booked a meal so l had to leave but was invited back anytime. Roy was very easy going and l enjoyed my visit.



Course finished

Well the whole reason for my mini tour was to relieve the boredom at night. With the course finished it was a detour to Mick’s before heading off for home. Mick’s post code was entered in the sat nav only problem l had 1 letter wrong. You might laugh, so were did l end up, circling Harewood house with the Sat nav telling me to turn down some imaginary track.

Having parked up, checked my notes it was time to make a phone call. Mick can you give me your postcode again, this time writing down it correctly. Oh dear l said to myself nevermind, that’s the clean cut version.

Finally arriving

Round the back l go into beautiful well maintain garden and out of the greenhouse comes Mick. Bearing in mind we had never met,  l was made to feel at ease straight away. No photographs why because my battery was low on my phone. Hello l recognise this plastic clad birdroom with inline fans. Mick told which bit was added later, l think it’s a requirement anyone in the hobby we always want more, l doing  it now.

As we chatted no matter which way you looked there was birds. The young bird flight were full so that’s a good indication Mick’s doing something right. I think l am right Mick’s been in the hobby 5 years and one of his projects is to get better size in his clearwings. That is variety l don’t have in my stud. Ahh lutino’s that’s one of my interest but no albino’s. Mick tells me they are not many available in the area.

You can see Mick has done the basics right and it is only time before he gets his just rewards.

My thought’s

It’s good to see other people’s birds and birdrooms, for me inline fans are definitely a priority. Despite having 2 filters in my birdroom the dust is not being removed. I have just removed a small extractor fan which l modified from a commercial freezer. It was totally blocked and that really alarming. It was noticeable the difference in birds by the owners showing status, and you have to appreciate the efforts it’s taken to reach that level. I feel sure Jon, Mick and myself will achieve our goals and l would like to finish this article by saying thank you to all for giving up your time.

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