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My mini Yorkshire birdroom tour

The last time l went on a training course l had 4 nights in a hotel room. Reading through a my old budgerigar magazines. Having to attend another training course this time in Yorkshire. Thanks to some really super people l was able organise a mini Yorkshire birdroom tour. Offers from people of a closed budgerigar forum who l had never met, enabled me to put together tour itinerary.

First off to Goole

After checking in, it was off to Goole for my first visit. Not being in my own car was annoying as it has a great sat nav. The company pool car had no satnav so l had to use my mobile phone which performed very well and also doubled up as my camera when l remembered to take some snaps. Jon Cooke like myself has come back into the hobby and just like me was developing his stud. Jon’s birdroom had super air change system which was really effective.Two Inline fans one bringing fresh air in and the second taking out the birdroom air and dust out.  Friendly and honest Jon was only to willing answer my questions on what seed and special mixes his birds are gIven.

Jon’s Birdroom

Jon’s birdroom is similar to mine in that it’s not finished it’s best described as work in progress, Working and travelling must interferes with the time he can dedicate to his birds. It was very apparent Jon loves his birds, although he has not seen my bird we are a similar stage in development. Not enough depth of mask, and feather direction is still needed. There are few birds that are starting to show some progress in correcting these beginner faults. As we all know progress is slow unless you want to spend.

Gary was on holiday

Unfortunately Gary was on holiday so we still have not met in person. Jon was looking after Gary’s birds so l was privileged to accompany Jon on one of his visits. A fully plastic lined birdroom was very impressive, not the largest setup but well laid out. The Oesieg nestboxes are something l have always admired and wanted.

Gary shows at Novice level and you can see the difference in the birds. Both birdrooms seemed to be overwhelm with blue budgerigars. Blow and depth of mask was better than Jon’s or my birds.The blue normal shows a better mask and head and was a quick snap. Again l hope you can see the head quality of the greys. Gary’s birds on the whole was a another level to both my and Jon’s birds. From what l have seen both Jon and myself have few bird showing some of the qualities but not in the same numbers.

To be continued

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