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Only having a small set up is really frustrating.  Hen’s are being tread in the flight when l don’t have any free breeding cages available. Whilst cleaning out my main flight l found one of my best hen dead with a prolapse. Unfortunately that’s the price you have to pay sometimes. Had the hen been in a breeding cage she would have been receiving extra’s in vitamins and softfood.  That’s budgie breeding there is alway something always to bring you back down to earth. Anyone who thinks breeding budgies is easy, is in for a shock. Everyone has their own way and what works for one does not work for others. The basics are the same but you have to know your birds and you can only be done by spending time in the birdroom.


Using the last of my holidays at Easter l ended up with a ear infection. Not  one for visiting the doctors, l then ended at the out of hours NHS service. It was not to be and l needed some antibiotics to clear up the infection.

Later in the year

Later this year l will have more cages but at the moment it is like a strategy game and really frustrating. I have to do this first before l can move that. Bringing in the material in the right order is the key, the weather has not helped and work is also interrupting the progress.

It did not end well

I was told to foster eggs out if you have more than five eggs in a clutch. It’s a pity l did not follow the advice, my other cages had no hens sitting eggs. All were raising chicks so transferring some of the eggs was not a option. By not moving the eggs five of the eggs became addled.  One chick failed to break out it’s shell due to a small amount of faeces thickening the shell and it was only a small amount. It happened to be on the part of the egg the chick was trying to break out. I have been told in large clutches the out eggs become cold as the hen can not cover all the eggs during the night. Hence the chick dies so out of seven eggs we only have one chick surviving, good job my other pairs have a better average.

Things are looking up

Since starting to writing this post some pairs have been changed. The new and remaining pair all have full eggs so it will be nice to see what is produced. At present l have rung 30 chicks with another couple chick to small to be rung. There are about another eighteen eggs to hatch.

I have purchased some secondhand nestboxs at a really good price. In my old cages there was not enough room for chick hides but now it’s different and l purchased ten new hides.

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