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Patience is rewarded

Patience is one of most important things you must have when breeding budgerigars. One of the last pairs of 2017 breeding season happened to be a pair of lutino’s.The old hen died and l replaced the hen with a opaline light green spangle hen.

Two rounds produce no offspring despite having full eggs. The eggs were either DIS or went addle. The hen was being upset by the continuous fireworks which seemed to go on forever.  The second round were deserted and went cold, l had a pair which was about to be split up. The nestbox had been removed but the hen laid three eggs on the cage floor. The three eggs were place in the spangles nestbox and she hatched and raised one chick.

This was the chick that l have wrote about in my blog under the titled of “ Some birds have a rough start”

I was just about to break up this pair when she started laying again. With five full eggs and the first pinkie appeared on the 17th December . A red eye that has been fed so l am hopeful that we may have some offspring at last. We now have 4 hatched and 3 are ino’s and should be hens. On checking the hens records the mother of the hen was a Albino so we may have to wait and see.

2018 breeding season has been a mixed start

2018 breeding season has been a mixed start from the first six pair only five pairs have produced full eggs, that’s only a 83% success rate. The failed pair have been returned to the flight now the cold weather seems to have relented. Over the weekend l will choose the replacements.

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