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Rough Start for this chick

Sometimes you have to admire a chick after having such a rough start. This bird was the only egg to hatch from a pair of Albino’s that l had decided to break up. The nestbox had been removed but the hen laid 3 eggs on the cage floor.  This would have been the sixth round had they been allowed to continue. Brilliant parents and l don’t normally allow the birds to go so many rounds. The pair are now with my friend Evan and he allowed them to have one round and he has offspring, The pair are now having a deserved rest. Anyway back to the albino chick, we have 3 eggs and l decided l have nothing to lose so l put the eggs under a pair that always seemed to haddle  there eggs,

Only one egg hatched

From the three eggs only one hatched and was raised by the foster parents. Nothing seemed to be going amiss until l noticed the a few feather started to go missing on the back and top of her head. The feather loss continued and l was getting concerned as large bald patch was increasing.

Time to take action

Action was needed so the chick was moved into the youngsters flight. Sure enough when l got home the bald patch was now bleeding and the other had decided to give the chick a bit of a pasting. Now l have no alternative but to put the chick with its foster parents.They immediately started feeding the chick. Another chick hide was put in the cage and sofar all is well, the cock is still feeding the chick and whenever l checked the chick has a full crop. The hen will feed the chick but the chick is not allowed in the nestbox. It is understandable as the hen has laid four eggs so far. Fortunately the hen was only trying to get the chick out of the nestbox.

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