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Right time right place

It’s funny how things work out when you just happened to be in the right place at the right time. Being at my local seed merchants another customer just happened to be saying to the proprietor “ l need to buy some new budgerigar stock”.

After a brief chat we arranged for him to come over and buy some birds. I sorted out 7 pairs and one extra hen, there was four 2017’s birds. The other birds had produced bird so l was quite sure he would be ok.

To say he was delighted with my selection was a understatement. Remember l was showing as a beginner so no fancy prices here. I followed up by phoning a week later to see if he was satisfied and the birds and had they settled in.

A couple of weeks later we arranged for me to go over and have a look at his setup. It was still a work in progress but it will be really good when finished.

He was happy with the birds

He was happy with the birds from me, his original stock can be best described as pet shop standard. Here lies the problem with the hobby how many times do you hear newbies to the hobby getting ripped off. It not always true but you hear about it and it happens to often but that’s my opinion.

This is exactly what happened to this chap he had trusted the breeders he visited.


It’s take to build a good stud

This has been discussed on various platforms but the way l see it. It takes time to build up a super stud but some people try to shortcut the process. You need deep pockets if that’s your way and you may breed some good birds. The following seasons the birds decline why because you have not served your apprenticeship. You maybe lucky and continue to have success and no problems. Problems occur just as in life it how you solve the problems that is the key.

Do your research join the local club and speak to them that have been in the hobby a number of years. Ask questions get as many tips as you can, then decide what will work for you.

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