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Selecting my pairs

Made a start on selecting my pairs for the forthcoming breeding season. It is good practice to pair up at least four pairs. OK anyone who has been in the hobby for anytime will know why we do this. But there may be some new to the hobby who are reading through this website. Our reason for pairing at least 4 pairs should you have any pairs that lays clear eggs then you could transfer some fertile eggs across to maximise your hatch rate percentages.

Five pairs selected

I managed to pair up five pairs and after 15 days the first eggs appeared. Only one hen has not laid any eggs. She is in the nestbox so maybe the bonding took a little longer. Tonight was my first disappointment of this years breeding season. A maiden hen had laid two eggs and all seemed to be going well. Then the cock decided to smash the eggs, never mind he can have a go with a couple of plastic eggs. Sure enough when l was in the birdroom later he was having great fun in the nestbox slamming the eggs against the walls of the box.

I have already started making my mustard egg surprise for him. Let see how tough he his then. If this does not work then l will take the eggs away and let a foster pair incubate the eggs.

For me it is important to maximise my cages, having purchased some new second hand cage they are not all installed. My birdroom needs to be altered to house some of the cages but it may have to wait for now. I have made a start on the alteration so let’s hope the bad weather holds off.

I may have a temporary solution but l have not made a decision at the moment.

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