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This visit just made the weekend

Just a few images captured on my mobile. David’s new birdroom is coming on but is not finished. The mobile flights are something else for me l have only ever seen this depth of quality in birds at one other stud. I am not one for aviary visits and my statement is based on my own experiences. It is not mean’t to be disrespectful to others in this wonderful hobby.

What a brilliant weekend

Having chosen not to go to Doncaster due to other commitments. A gentleman from South Wales of the name of Evan whom l met at Doncaster in 2015. Both having a common interest namely budgerigars, neither of us like showing but we do love breeding birds. The friendship started when we sat next to each other at the 2015 seminar talk by Mr C Snell. At the interval the chatted and from that day l have been lucky to call Evan my friend.

This weekend we had arranged for Evan to come up to visit me on Saturday stay overnight and then go to Stafford on Sunday. Once Evan confirmed he would be coming, l began arranging a couple of surprises for Evan.

Arranging a couple of aviary visits

Making a couple of phone calls l was able to arrange a couple of aviary visits one to Bruce Greenway. The second was to David Woan’s, Evan had no idea about the visits and l would like to take this opportunity to thank both for giving up there time.

This is what the hobby is about friendship. I have been to Bruce’s aviary on a number of occasions and you always get a warm welcome. Both myself and Evan had a brief lesson on how to breed anthracite’s. For me it takes all my time to recognise some of the more common varieties. I know Bruce has been developing his anthracites and it’s slow going but he is progressing. I hope Bruce manages to overcome his ventilation fan mounting problem which has been a challenge for him. There was a number of birds that both myself or Evan would have loved to taken home.

We had a tight schedule

We had a tight schedule so we had to cut short our visit to Bruce’s place. I had thought we were then going to visit Alex Woan’s aviary but Bruce said no the bird had been moved to David new birdroom and Wow was we in for a treat. Parking can be a problem and we had to park at the bottom of the road.

Deep in discussion

Bruce and Evan deep in discussion. David catching up another super bird.

I can honestly say l have never seen so much quality, the birds were outstanding. Both myself and Evan was stunned on the quality of the birds. These bird have definitely got the X factor. You have to appreciate that this has not happened overnight. Alex and David have definitely proved they are super stockmen or bird breeders or what ever you want to call them.

There was not one bird in that birdroom you would not wanted to take home.

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