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That has made some room.

I needed move on some birds to make some room for the youngsters. A few birds needed to go into the main flight to build up there muscle. Once transferred to the main flight I will keeping my eye on the youngsters just while they settle in.

It was good to find a good home and help a fellow fancier. Letting what l consider my best bird was hard but l have plenty offspring to work with. I was told if you keep breeding with the same birds your standard will not improve. At the time l could not understand that statement but now l appreciate that advice. Never the less l will miss not seeing that bird in the flight.

It has been a task

The second hand cages are being installed and it been a task getting them into the birdroom.

The cages are larger than my old cages and although l thought my old cage had pasted there sell by date. I did not foresee the effort it would take to break up the block of six cages. Another job my nestboxes may need to modified to suit the new cages. Have the entrance hole on the end may make the boxes protrude to far, I am going to modify a box so it will have a side entrance. There is enough room as not to interferer with the cage door. We will see which works best.

I am going to win

My birdroom is compact and l need to alter one of my extractor fan mountings to accommodate the third tier of cages. They look great and it enables me to move the youngster from there small flight. I managed to move half across so that l can clean out there flight. Their is only one problem they are faster than me. The little buggers are in for a surprise..they may have won the battle but l going to win eventually.

Another bargain

With a trailer load of rubbish taken to the recycle centre another job done. Having a recycling shop on site its can be a good source for useful items which can be used in the birdroom.  Today l managed to get a large wine rack for   £ 3.00 which will be great in the outdoor flight.

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