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This bird had two tail feathers on Monday. On Wednesday we have only one, guess he did not want to go the show. He had just come out of the breeding cage a week earlier. As we all know that’s budgie’s for you.


Even l managed to enter some birds

It was a great turn out at the MBA open show on the 9th September and even l managed to get some birds to the show. Being honest my preparation was woeful. The winning birds in the beginners section deserved their honours.

This was my first and only show of this year but it did show what l need to do to improve my stud. In previous posts l have often said for me it’s about the birds. I am not the best organised person and entering this show really showed my shortfalls.

To be honest it was me that

To be honest it was me that let the birds down. Let me try and expand on that statement. With only eight birds entered you would have expected me to have entered them in the right classes. Deciding to enter the birds just before the Monday deadline. I managed to enter two bird in the wrong class so they never made the show, Another mistake was to enter what l thought was a light green young hen. The hen was wrong classed and should have been entered in the Dark Green class. I read on the EBF that even a champion has made the same mistake.

What can l expect

If my preparation is going to be so poor then what can l expect. The bird came straight out of the flight on Tuesday sprayed a couple time and de spotted two day before the show. A couple of the birds did get there revenge by dropping a tail feather after being selected so the reserves had to used.

Unfortunately l did not stop at the show hall after booking in my birds. Other duties needed to be attended to. Apologies to the organisers and my fellow fanciers if l appeared ignorant.

Next year l will try and get better organised and do the birds justice.

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