Getting Organised

It would be nice to be organised person but that’s not me. Sue is certainly organising me now with my softfood production. No more making the softfood each evening. I always washed up the utensils and chopping board well nearly always. The only problem l can see with my method, is the carrot and greens tend to be past there best by the end of the week.

Changes are afoot and l now buy my vegetables ( Spring greens and a bag of carrots ) or whatever green vegetables are available on Friday.


Saturday is soft food production day Sue processes the carrot and greens in the food processor. Then l add my ingredients into the plastic container the type you get with your Chinese take ways. I did use commercial eggfood but found to much wastage. Minerals and other supplements are given in the water and with my mineral mix.

I make a simple mix using pinhead oats about 4 tablespoons. 2 tablespoons ground peanuts and frozen sweetcorn about 4 tablespoons. Sweetcorn is the birds favourite and this is always the first item to picked out of the mix. I buy the pinhead oat from my local feed merchants in 25 kg sack and this lasts a good time.

The containers are topped up with the carrot / cabbage mix until full. Lids are marked S/F and put in the freezer. having a new larger freezer now enables me to store my softfood.

As usual Sue is right, by making the softfood in this way it allows me more time in the evening to do other tasks.

Sunday morning treat

The main flight birds only occasionally get the remains of the softfood. This Sunday the birds in the main flight were given a treat and boy oh boy did the birds enjoy the mix. So from now on they will get there own container full on Sunday mornings.

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