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Keith Leedham

On Tuesday 13th June Keith Leedham gave a talk to the members of the Birmingham BS. Keith talk was interesting and touched on a number topics to do with the budgerigar hobby.

Keith is a BS judge and it is evident he has superb knowledge of the exhibition budgerigar hobby. The talked was in general about Keith’s time in the hobby and how things have altered. The restraints on time only enabled Keith briefly touch on number subjects.

Keith brought a projector and sound system which enabled all at the meeting have no problem listening to his every word.

Sharing his feeding regime was interesting, living in the country with large garden helps supply many of the ingredients used in his softfood mix.

With the aid of some good images Keith was able to show the difference in the feather found in budgerigars of today.

Pictorial images along with Keith explanations help to show certain faults and there causes. Something as in my case often overlooked, the difference in feather lengths should be considered when pairing up birds.

The talk even got round to your birds being disturbed by birds of prey. Something l have experienced but l don’t think l would have come up with Keith s solution. Should l share the solution of course l will, are you ready…. plastic snakes placed about the garden. They have 2 snakes that look very lifelike and since purchasing the snake there problem has gone away.

At the end of the talk Keith took a questions from the members. Did l learn anything? yes l did, was it worth making the effort yes it was. It would be rude not to mention Keith was accompanied by his wife who has now joined up to form a partnership with there son Tom who is studying at Nottingham Unversity.

No doubt l will see Keith and his family at the local shows.

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