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How fast is a budgerigar ?

How fast can a budgerigar fly definitely faster than my reactions. There comes a time when you just know you are slowing up. It was a beautiful day today so l planned to take advantage of the weather. Cleaning the outside flight perches and some general maintenance.

Closing the inner hatch l trapped about a third of the birds inside. The perches were scrubbed in a solution of water and Vanodine. Using a scouring pad the crap was removed from the perches, swings and the old wine rack. The wine rack is a favourite place for roosting at night.

Once the perches had been cleaned l managed to get some of the floor cleaned. I had used pea gravel for the floor covering but l had a few problems from vermin so l am in the process of slabbing the outdoor flight.

Next task was to check birds

Each bird was caught and handled and some birds were not impressed. I had notice a few bird showing signs of scaly face hence why l have started a deep clean of the outdoor flight. Each bird had a drop of ivermectin place behind the head. Follow up treatment will be continued if required the ivermectin solution was 0.1% . Some people say you can use Vaseline to suffocate the mite. It’s messy and applying it to birds contaminated areas normally around the beak is a struggle and the cotton bud takes a real beating.

Checking each bird took time but it’s done now, and l am pleased that no bird seemed to have any hidden problems. My only concern is dominant pied that seems to have lost his flights and seem to a little under the weather. He is eating,drinking and manages to get about the flight and it not under weight so only time will tell.

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