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Ken Whiting speaking at the BS AGM
Gren Norris receiving the Silver Bird at the BS AGM
Ronnie Simpson

Budgerigar Society AGM

l made the effort to attend the Budgerigar Society A.G.M and what a pleasant morning it turned out to be. Arriving some 15 minutes before the start of the AGM means my travel plans worked. My new satnav was spot on, you know what us boys are with new toys to be fair it not only a satnav it also a dash cam.

I had a quick count up of people attending at was approximately 30 people plus officials. Not very good when you have over 2000 members. Preferring to just blend in and observe ,l did get a very nice welcome from Bev Hut who remembered me from a previous meeting at a Birmingham BS evening meeting some 2 years ago. On entering and sitting in the back row it was nice for Maurice Roberts the society Chairman to come and welcome me in person. First impressions a true gentleman not only for taking the time to welcome someone who was a AGM virgin.

Proposed rule changes

All the proposed rule changes have been passed with approximately 11% of the society membership only bothering to send in there ballet forms. What did surprise me which l mentioned it to Mr Roberts we may have had a few members present had the website front page mentioned the AGM. Instead of being buried in News & Links website tab. Constructive comments, it is hoped they are taken on board for the future. Even the EBF did not mention the AGM on it’s forum.

A brief conversation before the meeting and it was greatly received and we spoke openly and l confessed l have and still will criticise the BS if it is justified. After all we all have a right to have our own opinions.

A roll call was given

During the event a role call was given of 17 society members who had completed 40 years continuous membership. It may have been 30 years so apologies if the information is wrong. Pat Norris received the the Silver bird for services to the Budgerigar Society.

I don’t have the answers for falling society members but Maurice did ask me to put in writing my concerns.

One question l did ask “Why does the BS charge £ 40 to have you name added to the BS Members Breeders directory”? As a beginner l am lucky to get a fiver for one of my surplus birds. Being a beginner it appears to me the society is trying to fleece the newcomers.

Champions birds go for much more money. Why would it benefit a beginner to outlay so much for inclusion of the breeders list. For me it non starter, surely it would be better to promote and help beginners. This is one letter l will sending to the BS for consideration.

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