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Geoff Tillson getting ready to give his talk

Birmingham BS April monthly meeting

Geoff Tillson gave a talk on Budgerigar colours at Birmingham BS April meeting. The talk was supported with a excellent power point presentation. The presentation delved deeply into the genetics of budgerigar breeding.

It was easy to recognise that Geoff’s knowledge on the subject was superb. He managed to cover most of subject in the limited time available. At times the information was to much for me but it did answer some queries regarding on what my birds have been producing.

Using the information and formulae given by Geoff Tillson l now appreciate that a normal visual green or blue could be hiding other factors such as cinnamon,split blue or even ino. These are just a few examples of what may have to be considered.

Consider other factors

I am no expert, far from it, but l appreciate other factors need to considered. This only demonstrates the need to keep good records which can be used for future reference.

Making notes on your nestbox cards can invaluable, updating my electronic records to mirror the nestbox cards. No matter how good you think your memory is there comes a time when you may forget something important.

The meeting ended later than l had expected and it turned out to be long day. To compound the issue the motorway was closed and the detour added a extra hour to my journey time home.

The birds had a late night to as l prefer to switch the birdroom light out when l doing my final check at 10.00pm.

On that evening it was well past 11.00pm before the birdroom lights were turn off. Fortunately the outdoor flight lights are to go off at 10.30pm.

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