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Growing nicely

Most of the 2017 birds are growing nicely however there is one young bird that appears to be struggling. The problem may have been caused by me being over eager to break up the foster pair. I had observed the young bird eating seed and that had prompted me to break up the foster pair.

Skyblue Spangle

A young skyblue spangle does not look right and does not seem to be growing as expected.l have crop fed the bird for a few days and appeared to becoming to come round.This morning again l decided to give the little fella another feed. When his crop was checked, it seemed to be empty.Only time will tell whether it will be successful the bird is not a lost cause and is in my opinion he is not suffering.

We may have turned the corner with the young spangle on checking later in the day he appears to be enjoying the softfood mix. It appears one of the young hens is also feeding the young spangle. One of the new albinos just put in the young flight is also being fed by another youngster. It seems l may be moving the birds to soon but never before l have observed then eating seed.

It is a fine line when to move youngster before the parent perceive the youngster as a threat. For me l always air on the side of caution. Attacks are few and far between but often happen after a few rounds. Bill use to say it’s there way of telling they had enough.

Unfortunately losing birds is a part of this hobby but it does not get any easier. I always ask myself could l have done anything different.

Torrid time

No.1 of 2017 had a torrid time and really struggled to adapt to the young flight. Most of her peers have progressed to the main flight. The young albino hen is definitely not going to be a show winner. She now stands her ground and is not intimidated her flight feather are growing back so it won’t be long before she will be getting transferred to the main flight.

When she was introduce to the other in the nursery flight she was the first albino and a couple of the normal hens took exception l think to her colour. Now we a number of albino’s in the flight they now do not seem bothered.

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