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Breeding Season

I would imagine everyone enjoys the breeding season and for me it is a exciting time. From selecting the pairs to what we are expecting to produce. The breeding season started slowly and the same mistakes made last season were nearly repeated.

Last year l started with my older hens and it was a struggle. Clear eggs were in abundance and l was not quick enough to change the pairs. This year only a few old hens were given the a chance and if the first round was clear the pairs were put back in the flight.

I am not one for testing the birds for fertility before pairing up, l believe knowing you birds and watching there behaviour is my preferred way and this season it has worked for me. Despite only having 8 breeding cage available, only l pair has failed to produce a full eggs. That give a 87.5 % success rate but this is a lot better than last year.

A few pairs will be broken and replaced with my next pairs. At the risk of repeating myself it does get frustrating only having 8 breeding cages. With working full-time it’s about all l can manage. It is a struggle to even attend evening meetings and as for preparing birds for shows it is a real struggle. Showing is not my favourite part of the hobby and l am not sure whether l will be showing this season.

Foundations are in place for the future

The foundation blocks are in place and l only need to continue progressing, it takes time but for anyone who wants immediate success they have to be very lucky or have spent a lot of money.

For me developing my lutino’s has been a real struggle l have plenty of hens but no cocks, so this year l have made sure l have plenty greens split ino’s for later in the season. I could have gone out and brought a good lutino but this hobby is about developing the birds.

Newbies to he hobby have to serve a apprenticeship or have a very good mentor.

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