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The weather’s improving

With the weather improving it caused me to ask is it time to move some of the late bred birds out the youngster flight. They appear to have completed there first moult and need to develop some muscle. By moving them to senior flight the birds will be left to be develop. My main flight is 4 metres long which is two and half times longer than what the birds have been using at the moment.

Moving the bird should be ok providing we do not have another prolonged cold spell. This year was the first year l have lost a bird once it has been moved to the junior flight. The light green hen gave no sign of being unwell so l am wondering if something had frightened the bird. She may have misjudged the swing but the result was the same and she broke her neck.

The young birds will have to be moved to the main flight soon to make room for the latest youngsters, As most people in the hobby know, no youngster are moved from the parents until they left the nestbox and have been observed eating seed.

Another surprise

I have had a pleasant surprise from what l consider my best bird. The hen paired to this bird laid five eggs with three being fertile. Nothing unusual there but the first full egg hatch yesterday but what amazed me was the size of the egg. It was larger than plastic budgie egg but the hen then went on to lay another egg slightly smaller but bigger than normal/

Well the chick has hatched and on day one it is larger than some three day old chicks in another nestbox, when last checked it had a full crop so lets wait and see.

On Tuesday it is the first nest feather show for the Birmingham BS.





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