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Nothing to lose

We had a little disaster in the shed yesterday Saturday. A maiden albino hen which had been mentioned in a previous post. This hen that was laying eggs in the main flight, which sort of forced my hand to put her in a breeding cage. The hen was found feet up in the bottom of the cage with two chicks in the nestbox.

It a funny thing l had noticed something was wrong but l thought it was with the chicks. Both always had a full crop so no worries there. The chicks always seemed to on their backs so l removed the clear eggs and place plastic replacements. Thinking the hen was sitting the chicks to tight and this seemed to be working.

What to do now ?

Thank goodness it was Saturday or l am certain the chicks would have died. On finding the hen dead the chicks were cold and almost lifeless. So what do l do now the cock had not bothered to takeover the the parenting duties. Putting both chicks in my hands my body heat soon transferred and the chicks started to be more active.

Options are limited

I have plenty of full eggs just about to hatch but my options was very limited. Thinking l had nothing to lose and the chicks needed to be fostered.

So both chicks were place in a nestbox of a pair who had proved exception parents. The problem was that by doing this l was endangering the full clutch of eggs 6 that the hen was sitting.

The chicks are being fed and more active but l will have to very vigilant on the egg hatching dates.

I prefer to transfer chicks rather than eggs just because there may be temperature difference between the hens incubating the eggs.

Update 7/3/2017

Everything going well because l had to do a little swapping around again it’s getting like musical chairs. The two chicks fostered out have now been moved again and all seem well. Both chicks have now been rung. The pair l chosen to foster these birds had six full eggs and l was coming concerned that the eggs would become contaminated. Therefore the chicks have now been moved to a pair with clear eggs. It does surprise you when this pair have readily took to bring up the two eight day old chicks. This is something l would not recommend but when you have no other option.

The first two of the six full eggs have hatched and have been fed and checking tonight another nest has two more pinkies making four pinkies today.

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