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Friday is going well

This is turning out to be a very surprising Friday for me. It is not only the beginning of the weekend which is always good. My first visit to the birdroom is always after making a fuss of our dog and not forgetting the parrots. It’s a great welcome from all which includes Sue. Well l can’t be in trouble, I have only just walked in.

Anyway back to the birds, the birds paired up are doing well and the youngster are in my opinion better than last year. Most pairs are on their second round and we have plenty of full eggs. It’s a mundane task marking the date laid on the nestbox cards and l should take more care.

On checking on nestbox to my surprise their was a pinkie. It should not have surprised me really as that’s what we are trying to achieve.

I think the birds are really inconsiderate to make me wait 18 days for a egg to hatch. At my age l feel they should be more considerate. Sorry it’ just my sense of humour, obviously l had gone into auto mode not paying attention the date laid date. On checking sure enough it was time to hatch 18 days exactly.

So what other event has made it a surprising Friday, well my birdroom stroke outdoor flight survived storm Doris that’s a result.


A skyblue hen in the flight seemed not to be as active as the other. On catching her up l decided to give the 2016 bird some special attention. Firstly her leg was swollen so the ring was cut off. There was signs of scaly face so the bird was isolated and treated with ivermectin 0.1% solution. The bird settled and was eating well, a second bird was added to the isolation cage who was heavily matted around the rear end. A problem that sometimes occurs with buff feathered birds.

I had notice the birds would quite often be on the cage floor. Then next time they were both perching the birds seem healthy. When checked they look and felt fine no signs of going lite.

I had wondered if these birds had began to bond and on Friday sure enough the hen had laid a egg on the cage floor.

The birds are a good match and l have nothing to loose. So on Saturday l adding a nestbox lets hope all goes well.

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