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This skyblue has some attitude
From the same nest

He has something about him

In one of my previous posts a mention of a couple newborns that have caught my eye. The skyblue is a real character and is always at the cage door and seems not to be phased by me. He has not mastered climbing up the bars to scoff the softfood but he can stretch enough the make sure he gets his fair share. It must be really awkward but he is not phased by the challenge.

It looks really uncomfortable but he is a determined bugger and never misses out. This is my third year of breeding and their are signs that things are beginning to work. It is to early to say whether this green line is going in the right direction.

The greens maybe better

The greens from this nest are showing real promise but only time will tell and after the first moult we should have a better idea. I managed to snap the the images on the left on my phone. They are both little posers lets hope they prove to be as stylish when they go in a show cage.

I kept three green cocks and two light green hens all born in 2015. These all came from birds l purchased from Dave who lives in Derby. These birds have been the foundation of my green line. The worst of the visual cocks are producing the birds pictured on this page.

Any cocks will be split ino so will be used in Lutino and Albino lines so in the future we may have the odd surprise. The green from the same nest are the best l have bred. That’s my opinion so maybe they have to go to a couple of shows, if only to confirm my progress.

The best visual green has just been paired to his niece and they have bonded and she is visiting the box already. It’s now a waiting game to see what evolves.


Seems one of my late bred yellow faced hens has been taken by the little light blue. It’s differcult to explain but he has something about him. On checking the little fella who has now been transferred to the baby flight. The hen was seen to be feeding him and giving him some protection from the others. What if frustrating is when l introduce a few albino’s the the seem to be bullied by the older birds. The older birds are just going into there first moult and it noticeable how much bigger they are.

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