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It’s going well

This years breeding season appears to be going well, to date 10 chicks have been to ringed. There are eggs still waiting to hatch. Most of the maiden hens have done well but one the maiden albino hen only raise 3 of the 5 hatched chicks. From what l have observed when checking the chicks the first two born seem to always be on top. This maybe why the number four and five chicks got squashed.

The second round of my Light Green cock X Yellow faced Albino has hatched and raising 6 chicks. Of the 5 greens 2 greens look promising and a skyblue that looks the best of the bunch, only time will tell.

The latest pair a Skyblue spangle 2015 x Colbolt hen 2016 has laid 4 eggs so far with number 1 egg being fertile. This hen was eating through any wood she could find in the flight and it was within 1 day she was visiting the nestbox. This was easy spot, the cock had some limited success on the show bench but he is not a world beater. He has something about him and has good length and sits well.

The first chicks

The first two chicks of 2017 have decided to leave the box but in my opinion they are not ready. Both have tail feathers which are still coated in the wax protection. Both have been put back again now doubt to be found on the cage floor later today.

How many rounds do you let the birds have is decided on my observation it would be easy to say 2 rounds only for each pair. Some pairs bond really well and make it seem effortless when raise their young while other only present problems.

Knowing your birds is key

It’s about knowing your birds getting their diet right and you will breed plenty. For sometime l have been making a  mineral mix, thrive & gloss is the main ingredient but other minerals are added. The birds breeding are given finger draws and both the cocks and hens seem eager for the mixture. The rest of the birds are given larger dishes which need topping up daily.

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