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1st Meeting of 2017

This was the first meeting of 2017 and the first 2nd Tuesday of the month meeting for the BBS. It was a great turnout for the first meeting of 2017. For me it is a struggle to attend these evening meetings. Firstly the birds have to be checked fed and watered. Leaving little time for me to make the meeting but on this occassion it was well worth the effort.

Question & Answer session

Questions were submitted before the meeting began and thanks to the efforts of Bruce Greenway who acted as the question master. The questions were organised and presentented to the successful father and son partnership Alex and David Woan.The precise detailed answers only demonstrated the depth of knowledge these gentlemen process.

The Woans setups are not the largest in the hobby but it became clear they have a develop a routine that works and the success has come from there hard work and knowledge.

It is difercult to remember all the questions ask but l will try to recap what l do remember.

When did they start keeping birds?

Details of their feeding routine and what seed do they use. Country Wide

Do they purchase birds from aboard Answer No

How do they see the hobby going?

Description of their setup

Do they purchase outcrosses?

When do they decide which birds to keep.?

Do they pair the best to cock to the best hen? Depends

Can budgerigars develop another further in size using the current show cage?

Do you think most judges today only judge a birds by the size of it’s head width and feather?

These only a few of the questions l managed to remember but l would personally like to thank Alex and David for taking the time to share there opinions and knowledge.

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