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First Albino of 2017

Number 1

The first of 2017 breeding season will be a Albino bred from my own bred birds. A 2016 hen laid three eggs in the first round unfortunately only two eggs hatched. Chick number two was squashed so the first chick will have first ring of 2017. My second albino hen that was laying eggs in the flight has now five full eggs which should all be albino’s.

Christmas Day

Two pairs have been broken up one pair have trashed all the eggs. There was only one full egg out of seven but l may try again later in the year. The second pair split up today was my best opaline green hen but this was her second clear round. Two pairs have been choosen to replace the pairs split up. Again the hens are very active and the cocks are chasing them about the flight. All that needs to be done is clean the cages and nestbox ready for the new pairs. My final check will be check the birds pedigrees.

Warm Weather

With the weather being so warm for this time of year the birds seem to be very active. I expect to be filling up the remaiing breeding cages by the end of next weekend. Visual pairing are in my head along with what l am wanting to breed. The birds will always come first and l we will have to wait and see how my breeding season ends up.

It’s offical

After arriving from work as predicted the first bird with a 2017 ring on is a red eye. With a full crop this chick is developing nicely, last years first rung chick was a yellow faced albino cock. This bird is buff feathered and was paired up with 2015 lutino hen only yesterday.

The last three breeding cages will be filled this weekend the only decision is which cock will be paired with my cinnamon light green. The other two cages the pairings have been selected and they only have to be caught up and there breeding records entered. They would have been paired up sooner had it not been for water leak on our supply service. The repairs are now done and it only leave the drive to be re instated thankfully we have a gravel on the drive.

One pair on there second round has 7 full eggs while another pair has 6 full eggs so far so if things continue it maybe a good breeding season.

Anyone who is coming into the hobby and thinking of breeding ino’s either Lutino’s or Albino’s. You must give the birds time to develop, these varieties take 18 months to fully develop.



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