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Foniopaddyis a natural grass seed grown on plantations in Uganda. This fine seed has been said to have natural health properties that can aid your birds in producing a natural immunisation against such aliments as coccidiosis. A article on the EBF forum was the first time l had ever heard about this African seed.

Being a small seed it proves differcult to add to the normal seed mix. My youngster are give a small seed dish of foniopaddy once or twice a week. Sometimes l will add a small amount into the softfood mix once or twice a week, My favourite way to give my birds foniopaddy is to mix into my mineral blend.

Mineral Blend

Thrive n gloss is the main part of my mineral blend but other items are added including foniopaady. Seaweed, Wheatgerm grass powder, rhonfried topfit, soya flour and blue poppy seeds. The blend is given in given to all the breeding pairs in finger draws, the barheads in the junior flight have the blend topped up daily.

Foniopaddy prices vary on the internet but only last week l was able to purchase 1 kilo bags of foniopaddy for £ 9.50 plus postage. This is a great price considering that the first bag of FP cost me something in the region of £12.50. For that reason l though l would share the information.

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This is the first time l have used the company and l would recommend you visit there website. Delivery was really fast and a tracking  facility was available. Even better was the price so if you are looking for foniopaddy then place your order with this company and you will not be disappointed.

According to article’s and my own experience with Foniopaddy it is a valuable addition which can only benefit your birds.


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