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Unexpected and unwanted

While l was in my birdroom this afternoon their was such a commotion outside. The birds outside were flying through to the inner flight, thinking this was strange l went out to investigate. Expecting to find a cat on the wall watching the birds it was not that simple.


Imagine my suprice when l found a female kestrel had entered the covered walkway though my open door trying to help herself to one of my birds. Unfortunately l did not have my phone so l was unable to take any pictures. On the leftside of this page is a picture of a similar bird. I was able to get really close to the bird and she definately looked very similar to the image l have copied from Wikipedia.

Opening the door fully the bird flew out and perched on next doors fence, so calm and really regal looking you must admire the bird. After a minute it return to the top of the birdroom but decided to leave after l closed the walkway door.

Back to normal

Once the door was closed it was not long before things were back normal. This is the second time l have witnessed a Kestrel  trying to attack my birds. Last time it was when my set up was in Nottingham same result Kestrel leaves empty handed.

It was a beautiful looking bird just hope it does not returns to soon. Hope the robins that visits daily are alert otherwise they may meet the unwanted visitor.

Back again

The Kestrel has been back apparently sitting on the washing line watching the birds. Unfortunately the walkway doors were closed so no repeat of Sundays events. The robins that visit our garden have decided to chase away the kestrel.  According to Sue the kestrel retreated after the Robin claimed the back garden as their territory.

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