Still a barhead
He's has some blow

Sometime it’s down to luck

This dominant pied looks promising for the future and our best laid plans do not always go to plan. The parents of this bird had produced two clear rounds so they were used for fostering. Before the chicks had left the nestbox the hen started laying again. But this time the pied cock had filled the eggs as it was late in my breeding season there was no rush to split the pair.

There was something about this bird

There was something about this bird which made it stand out from the others in the box. The bird has developing nicely and looks better than his two brothers that happen to be a colbolt dominant pied and a normal mauve.Being late bred this bird has never been to any shows.The two images show the birds development from barhead to after the first moult.

Soon to be transferred

I tend to leave the young birds in the junior flight until they start to moult or their cere starts to change colour. There is number of toys in the flight along with a rotating swing. As they are transferred the birds get there Ivermectin treatment and there records are completed.

Plenty of vegetables

While the birds remain in the junior flight they receive plenty of vegetables mixed in organic wheatgerm grass powder which is vivid colour green. I have stopped using traditional softfood mixtures as l find the adults pairs seem to waste a awful lot. To bulk the softfood l add blue poppy seeds along pinhead oats.





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